Paying for Rehab and Addiction Treatment

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Paying for Rehab and Addiction Treatment

If you are contemplating rehab, It's important to find the right rehabilitation and addiction treatment for you. If you are unsure of how you are going to pay for the services you need, rest assure there are options available to help patients and their families fund substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation. Fortunately not all of those costs must be paid for by the patient, which often helps to cushion any financial hardship that may result from rehab or addiction treatment.

Resources Available to You

These are just a few resources to consider when planning how you are going to pay for rehab and addiction treatment.

  1. Insurance Coverage

    Your primary health insurance is perhaps your best first step to determine what kind of help you can expect in paying the costs of rehab. It is a critical component of mental and physical health that many insurance providers now cover – at least in part. While they may not cover 100 percent of the cost of treatment, they may cover 50 percent or even 80 percent, which can greatly reduce your overall cost of treatment.

    Some may even allow rehab treatment costs to count toward your overall deductible or total out-of-pocket expenses. It all depends on the specific language in your company’s insurance policy and the state requirements where you live. Be aware that your health insurance may require you to use particular providers and facilities for them to pay their portion of the treatment.

    Other insurance policies may have a limitation or only cover a certain number of days of treatment in a year. In some cases, the limitation may be for the person’s lifetime.
  2. Employee Benefits

    Some companies offer specific employee benefits that involve substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. For instance, some companies will reserve your job for you during treatment, even beyond what is required by law for them to provide. Other companies may continue your wages for up to a certain number of days, weeks, or months while you are in treatment. Others will cover some or all of the costs of rehabilitation.

    Bear in mind that these are premium employee benefits that are not available as part of standard employee benefit plans, but can be instrumental in providing the peace of mind for family members to get the effective treatment they require.
  3. Payment Assistance

    If you do not have insurance or limited protection for your drug rehab needs, there are other options for financing substance abuse treatments. These involve state and local government programs designed to help people get the treatment they need.

    There are also state-funded treatment centers that provide effective treatment at a much lower cost. It is undoubtedly a consideration for keeping costs down.
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